"They are rather awkward"

"Ouch!" cried Lauren, as she hopped on one leg in agonizing pain. She screeched, jumping again,making her hit against the metal wired fencing creating a deafening noise.

"What should we do now?!" hissed one of the followers after a while of watching the human being jump in pain. He sounded hopeful in which perhaps the lead poodle would perhaps have, maybe a more suitable idea. But the lead poodle did not react, instead, it stood silently, looking up at the weird beings that were standing before them.
"Perhaps it's a little too early to start the tests now...they all look rather bloodshot," Ben said, scratching his head looking down at them in disorientation. He grabbed onto his stomach which made a loud grumble that caused his whole body to shake. He punched at it, hoping it would relieve the pain. He stood up well, but then quickly crouched back down as the grumbling of his stomach began to take hold of his body.
"What is it now?" Lauren sighed, "Stop being such a drama queen for crying out loud...you can't be that hungry. The last time I ate was when I was with you...and now I'm perfectly fine. But I guess it's just cause some are fitter than others." Lauren grinned as she looked at Ben, with an arm on her hip.
"But that was two days ago, anyhow I'm starving...and besides, you've got a lot of that to keep you going." He smiled, as he walked away back into the house, still clutching his stomach.
"What?! A lot of what? Ben Jackson, don't think you can get away with this! If I am thinking right about what you meant when you said that, you'll be so so dead...do you hear me?! Ben?!" She shouted, as she followed him back into the kitchen.
"Well...that was a close call!" sighed the right-hand poodle, watching the two human beings dissapear into the house, "So, we've got too start the plan...what was the plan?"

"To run away?" said the leader poodle, turning around to face the right-hand poodle. He looked pleased that she had actually been bothered to have a decent conversation at last since the day they had met. The only thing they ever talked about seemed to get out of control, like for example, 'why can birds fly and poodles can't' or 'why do humans all look alike'.
"I don't think we should do it...no,maybe we should...no, they'll catch us...no...no...let's think of another pan...no, it'll take too long...no,I have to this idea won't do..."

The lead poodle sat down, as he began to talk to himself, questioning what they should do. All the ponies stared at him, looking impressed, thinking that he was doing some intellectual.

Two hours had passed, and the leader poodle still sat there, contradicting himself. Other followers joined in too, sitting around him as they carried on with their conversation.

"I've got all the equipment and our substances prepared. We should start testing these substances on the poodles soon before the medicine goes out" Ben said, removing his goggles which he placed in the top pocket of his lab coat.
"Don't you think that those poodles are rather odd?" Lauren replied, facing out of the window to the kennel,"
"What do you mean?"
"Nevermind, they just seem like if they're discussing things...you know, like the way we do."
"We discuss things? Oh no, we shout things at each other," Ben replied, eventually laughing.
"Mmm, they still seem rather awkward to me."
"They're completely normal...well they won't be soon after the medicine...do you think the formula of the substance actually works. I don't want to waste another life or money trying to get this medicine of ours to work. What do you think?"
But Lauren did not reply. She became intrigued at the poodles, watching their every move closely, carefully.
"I still think they're odd," Lauren said, as she turned away from the window...besides, they are contridicting poodles after all.

The End

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