Lauren and the Poodle's paw.

"... and how long have we actually slept?" Lauren continued as the small group made their way down the ramp.

"My watch says two days, but of course that means nothing here! This was your fault!" She stormed.

"What? My fault?.." Said Ben as he tried to figure out which particular event she was talking about.

"YES YOUR FAULT!" She screeched at him, throwing an unexpected carrot at him. It hit him with a dull thump and fell to the floor, trying to look inconspicuous. Lauren paused in her tirade to look at the carrot and her hand in an effort to work out just where it had come from, but came to no conclusions. She turned her attention to berate Ben some more.

"Hi-Tech Philosophical equipment is sensitive! The English language is full of connotations! How's it meant to know if you're being metaphorical or not?!"

"...metaphors..." mumbled Derek, looking skywards.

"I can't help it if it's just a stupid machine that can't understand English! And it wasn't my fault they locked us in with all their stuff. I'm not a scientist, I'm just here on work experience..." Ben protested, kicking the carrot into a pothole where it tried to calm down and think about its situation philosophically.

"And anyway, if I hadn't tried then we'd have had no pineapple for another week!"


"You can shove your pineapple..." Lauren began to shriek but was cut off by being squished flat, totally accidently, I may add, by the lead poodle, who was still  strutting around after losing concetration on the group, and hence failed to notice the fact that no matter how close the humans came they stayed the same height as they had appeared as they had came over the horizon (It was a pretty big room, no matter what the poodles thought), some of the other poodles however, had noticed this, and had fairly serious headaches as a result. Because of this, we shall never know where Lauren was advising Ben to shove his pineapple, but we may make a fairly accurate guess.

There was an embarrased pause, which it took the lead poodle a few moments to notice.

The End

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