A rebelling situation

The lead poodle tossed his shaggy hair, as he walked past his confused followers. They looked at him neglectedly, wishing that their colony would've perhaps been led by themselves. They stood around in anticipation of what crazy events would've took part next. The leader strolled up back and forth, back and forth down the small enclosed area that they now lived in- no, for they did not live there, but were trapped there from a rather awkward situation that they themselves could not get out...not until today.
"So...are we doing that then?" asked his right-hand impatiently as she looked up at the darkening sky above them.
"I'm thinking about it." the leader replied, looking as if he were intensified into the whole idea. He again swayed his air-brushed hair to the side, making all the lady poodles swoon.
His right hand poodle sighed in disbelief, looking rather annoyed, "What is there to think about? We've been discussing this run-away plan from dawn, and now the sun has already set!
"My lady," he said as he gently picked up her paw from the ground to lick it, "there is nothing to worry about, I've got this all covered."
"Uhhh," She shivered in disgust, pulling away from the leader poodle, "I don't know what you want from me, but I'm telling you one thing. If this runaway plan of yours does not work, I'm finding my own way out of here.
"Yeah!" shouted others from the colony. It soon became into a chant as the followers became  closer and closer, enclosing the wide open space of the leader poodle. The leader poodle looked shocked as he barked loudly at his followers, causing them to take a step back, rethinking their actions and consequences.
"If you don't keep quiet, those vicious beasts will perhaps make our death date sooner, and you'll be dead before they kill you!" hushed his right hand poodle.
"They're humans love...and besides, you know you love me too much to kill me," he said with a rather arrogant gaze that made the poodle sigh again.
"If he says I love him one more time, I will paw him," she thought, looking up agitated at his arrogance and briefly after looked away.
"Now, if you would my friends-"
The leader had finally noticed the strange atmosphere the room had become. He turned around in consternation as he heard the human language being spoken. He looked up in shock and noticed that they were heading towards their colony. His eyes became to grow dark in fear. They had woken up.

The End

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