Attack Of The Slightly Contradictive Poodles

"No, I don't think so," said the lead poodle. He fluffed up his fur and looked at the others. "Although it's quite a good idea."

"Uh, a moment ago you said it was a terrible idea," said his right-hand poodle. "What made you change your mind?"

"I haven't changed my mind! It is a terrible idea!" The lead poodle walked away in disgust. "No, we're definitely not doing that." He reached his kennel and turned around. "Who said we're not doing that? It's a great idea!"

His followers sighed and prepared to follow their leader's rather erratic lead. Although come to think of, he didn't seem so crazy after all. Maybe this was a good idea.

They were the Slightly Contradictive Poodles, after all.

The End

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