Not the Lollipop Lady!

Sam, Izzy and Claire all dove to the side, whilst Eric froze in horror as one of the General’s most feared mob leaders; Ducky, a young duck blessed with fluoro orange flippers and super strength that is usually found wearing a nappy, rounded the corner.

Being the youngest mob leader ever, he had something to prove, making him widely renowned as the second most vicious leader, second only to The General himself. Curiously his voice was extraordinarily deep, defying his age. Ducky roared, swinging his wing into Eric’s midriff, cracking several ribs. Eric falling limp, sailed 100 feet, landing in someone’s crystal blue pool, scaring an 80 year old lady wearing a one piece swimsuit whilst resting atop a large duck. Another duck threw a electro-grenade, which upon making contact with the water’s surface, exploded releasing an electric pulse, electrifying the water, exploding the rubber duck, electrocuting Eric and frying the retiree.

In the meantime, Sam, Izzy and Claire had commandeered a hot dog stand and were racing down the hill, holding on for dear life. A water blast from one Ducky’s henchmen’s water soakers, blew out one of the wheels, causing the cart to careen into a lollipop lady (not the traffic controller, an actual lady selling lollypops).

 “Sorry, gotta run,” yelped Izzy at the lollypop lady, who lay sprawled in the middle of the road surrounded by lollypops and hotdogs, her outfit covered in mustard and ketchup making her appear severely wounded. There was even a rib poking out of her pocket (the meat type, not the bone).

 Sam slung Claire’s arm over his shoulder having noticed her limping and the three of them stumbled their way to safety in the confines of a national park. The trees should buy them at least a few minutes of leeway before the ducks would catch them.

Ducky smiled and heartily yelled, “Don’t let the vermin escape. And someone get me a lollipop!”

The End

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