I just moved here and this neighbour hood has ducks with water gun!


Don't ask me why Ducks were attacking kids with water guns and don't ask how I know. I just went to say Hi to the Nieghbours becuase my parents wouldn't stop pestering. Next thing I see are ducks with water guns. Alright I said to myself and began to walk  away. Wondering if my mom was cooking with magic mushrooms again. Suddenly I hear the windows smash and a kid getting thrown out. A girl , and a boy began to run when then something cried  " Release the hell geese!" 

What the hell?  I  turn around to see the most horrifying thing ever. Now if you have everl lived in Canada next to a field you would be used to large swarms of those things taking craps on you. Well this beat all of that.  " Holy freakin cows bunglers!" I yell Running for my life. Now the next thing your not going to believe me on. The poo exploded.  " Ahhh!" I yelled running like the world was ending. I jumped into  the movers truck. The exploding went over. Phew!  I hope those too people back there were alright. I turn around to see that they took cover in a ditch.  I quickly run over to them.

" My names Eric , and are ducks evil?" I asked quite stupidly.

The End

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