Lights Go Out, Walls Come Tumbling . . . Up?

Sam Strong wasn't very strong. At the moment he was at his mate, Danny's house, helping him move the furniture in the living room around, which Danny's mum liked doing on average, every three days. Right now the two of them were moving the couch towards the fifth different position in the past ten minutes. Sam dropped his end almost on top of his foot.

"Watch it," cried his other friend Izabelle who always loved to come and watch the rearranging festivities. 

"This might be a little easier, if you weren't sitting on the couch as we were carrying it!" Sam stated. Izzy crossed her arms in defiance. "Sure, sure, excuses, excuses. It's not like i'm particuarly heavy or anything." 

Danny put down his end of the couch grumbling slightly.

"Actually, i think Sam put it in a rather good spot." Danny's mum piped in. "In fact i think it would look a little bit better if it was slightly further left."

"Are you sure Mrs Dreary?" asked Sam. 

Danny's Mum said "Not really, but it might look even better a bit to the right."

"Our right, or your right?" queried Danny.

"I don't know dear.  it's like Hamlet's saying 'To Be Or Not To Be'. I know, we'll try both and see which looks better." Both boys groaned. 

"I personally reckon that it would look better by the window," said Izzy, obviously still housing some resentment from the earlier conversation.  Ms Dreary was nodding her head in agreement when as if on que, the large lounge window room caved inwards.

"I love that breeze," said Mrs Dreary as several guerrilla ducks dived through the window, brandishing water soakers. "I know i'll build a deck right there!"

One duck pointed at Sam and said "There he is." Then he squirted at Sam.

Sam ducked under the water blast, picked up the glass coffee table and threw it, taking out two of the ducks, several shards from the shattered table piercing several places in their hide covering the carpet with blood. "oh, you are so right dear,  that coffee table was hideous. I much preferred the marble one . . ." Mrs Dreary was abruptly interrupted as she was hit by a water blast from the lead duck and was thrown back, crashing through the wall of the lounge room, flew across the kitchen, went through the kitchen wall and finally landed in a heap amongst the machinery in the exercise room.  

"Mum!" Danny cried out.  Sam and Izzy ran out through the hole where the front window used to be, using the hole in the Ducks strategic lineup that Sam had created with the coffee table.  "Danny," Izzy cried out, but at that moment, the ducks regrouped and formed a new line of defence. Sam and Izzy were forced to dive through a hedge, due to the duck's onslaught. 

Sam poked his head out through the hedge. "No," he whispered, as he saw Danny get clipped in the shoulder by a water burst and was sent spinning into a cupboard full of DVDs, before dropping to the floor. Unbalanced by Danny's collision, the cupboard tipped forward, pinning Danny's legs. 

Danny screamed in pain. The ducks had Danny within their sights, but what happened next Sam and Izzy didn't see, as most of the ducks were advancing on the hedge and their cover was becoming sparser by the second. Sam and Izzy turned and ran down the street but as they rounded the corner, Izzy could have sworn she heard one of the ducks yelling, "Release the hell-geese!" 

The End

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