Duck Town.

Duck Town. By day, a village like any other, with ducks going about their ordinary lives, feeding, breeding and shopping. By night, the town transforms into a haven for the darker nightlife, the under story of society, mixing in a variety of locations, including nightclubs, dance studios and casinos. 

In one such place, a dingy little nightclub called The Pond, with walls and furniture coated in a fine layer of pale-blue velvet, one such meeting was taking place, between General Qwackers and the other mob bosses. 

General Qwackers was 2 foot tall, bright yellow with dark, smudgy brown flippers. All he was wearing was a eyepatch over his right eye, a cigar in his mouth and a green army bandanna around his head. His fellow leaders were crowded in too much shadow.

"So, now that Sassy is gone, we have only to get rid of 5 more of the children of the Food Lovers before we will be unopposed in our plans for world domination," stated the General. 

"The Food Lovers consisting of 25 pathetic humans, who defeated our first attempt at world domination and forced our kind into submission." said Another. "Ok, so who's next?"

The General looked at them all and smiled a cruel sinister smile through his beak, picked up a pistol and disabled the safety, before finally taking the cigar out of his mouth with his free hand and saying, "Sam Strong".

The End

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