Attack Of The Qwacks!

What happens when super-intelligent ducks decide to make a bid for world-domination. Read and find out. Hint: it involves feet!


Young, sporty and trim were the best words to describe Sassy Sullivan most of the time. Now however, the best words to describe her were hot, sweaty and panicky. 

Stumbling through the dark, she tripped over something. Her ankle twisted and she gave a sharp screech of pain. 

Damn, she thought. I knew i shouldn't have worn heels today. Hearing a noise, she ignored the throbbing pain in her ankle, got up and pressed on darting forward, placing her hands in front of her to feel the walls.


Hitting the corner she stumbled around it. Seeing a single light bulb on a chain, dangling from the ceiling, illuminating a set of set of stairs leading upwards towards a wooden door, a escape from this proverbial hell hole. 

With a heartened burst of energy, she ran forward, bolted up the stairs and turned the handle. The door however didn't budge. It was locked. Hearing footsteps behind her, she crumpled against the door and started whimpering. 

She turned around as the figure, stepped into the light. A single Duck. An infamous Duck. General Qwackers. 

At the top of her lungs she screamed, 


The End

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