Attack of the Killer BananasMature

Attack of the Killer Bananas

I am called Shadsi Vitani Alexia Catastrophe. Weird name but according to a friend of mine it describes me perfectly.

I'm supposedly weird cos cars talk to me. I know it's strange. It's true though!

I first talked to a car aged six. My mum's car freaked me out cos it dropped the boot on my head.

"Shit!" I yelled."That fucking hurts!"

"Sorry" replied the car."I didn't mean it. Hi. My name is Nessie."

Nessie was my first ever friend and it was her who told me about the bananas.

"Some people like talking to their cars especially Ford Fiestas e.g. ME!" Nessie began."They said that some evil mutated bananas attacked them. they {the bananas} are horrible blue slimy things!"

My mum caught me talking to the car and shoved poor Nessie into the garage and got a new car, Sasi. I haven't seen poor Nessie since.

The End

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