The fight that removed meMature

" I can't sense human presence."  Torian remarked

"No niether can I.  But I do sense something else not Demon though almost evil Immortal."  I commented 

Suddenly Barls energy flaired up.  The the ground shook

"Barls fighting." I said drawing my blade 

We ran to the fight , the recruits where dead.  Barl was fighting  a pack of demons. A  flames spiraled down my  sword.  And I charged into battle with Torian on my side cleaving demon scum in half. We killed about two demons before they retreated.

" Where's Conith?" I asked  

"He disapeared in the confusion."  Barl muttered . 

"Ok this mission is scrubbed. we've got two dead recruits , one injured , and a missing experienced officer."  I ordered

Then  captian Takath appeared behind me. 

"Sir  we've got casualties, injured, and one missing." I reported 

He didn't reply.

"sir" I said

Suddenly his sword was drawn. He then sliced down and  high pressured water wave shot towards me. I countered with my magic nullifying ability. 

"What the hell are you doing? I asked 

Once agian a no reply , and he went to stab me. which i dodged

Then the rest of the company arrived and went to attack.

"Barl , Torian take em on try not to kill them." I ordered

" Yes sir." They said unified

"Ok captian if thats what you want." I said determined to get to the bottom of this.

I slashed back with the flames around my blade burning the air around it. the captian blocked and attempted another high pressured water attack. which only evaporated once hitting my blade.  bring it as i sliced up , down and stabbed. He blocked each on and countered with a massive wave of water  coming from his blade.  I countered with an equally massive wall of flame.  this was becoming problematic i couldn't be nancy pancy with the captian eventually he'll kill me. But i had no desire to kill him. It was kill or be killed . So i went for a massive flame slash energy massive attack. The energy build up started to make objects around me disentergrate under stress.  

" Captian stand down or be killed." I ordered

Nothing as he built energy up for his attack.  I charged and stabbed him the flames engulfed his body killing him instantly. Afterwards another company arrived and arrested Barl ,Torian, and myself for blasphemy.  Not believing our story. As the rest of my company siad that we went on a mad killing spree. 

What was going on?



The End

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