Atolia: fall and rise of the GuardiansMature

Korith being a guardian or an immortal like anyother is responsible for damgage caused by demons. but there is a force at work that will overthrow the guardians. during that time Korith is cursed to live like a human. so every 100 years he forgets everything and starts anew. 1000 years later the immortals are children stories and hopes. now the human race lives in fear of demons. Korith who serves as warrior for the city is leading a group of highly magical humans when the demons begin there


Chapter 1


In the land of Atolia there was once a great races that called themselves the Guardians of Atolia or simply as immortal they look human ,but could easily manipulate magic and where allowed one child for and they sort believed they superior and where really to snot faced so the human race started to despise guardians which later helped overthrow them. There was also another race basically we call them demons but they like to call themselves Scarrange they where mostly instinct driven but a large part of the population also showed intelligence. It isn't sure known whether if they live forever. Anyways there instincts told them that devouring guardians or humans was the only way to survive or any other species able to manipulate magic. So the Guardians charged themselves the duty of protecting humans from these demons. The guardians also protected Atolia from one more thing they had all the gates and seals for inter dimensional travel. Probably where we all came from. Any ways i guess I'm done filling you in on some valuable history. Now this story has some inaccuracy to what actually happened because 1000 years back when the end of the age of guardians had arrived i was cursed to live like a human meaning that i will forget everything when i reach the age of 100 hundred turn into a baby a begin anew which in some ways kept me alive. Yes immortals can be killed by the blade of another immortal or being defeated by a demon and getting eaten. Most humans don't possess enough magic to even scratch a immortal. I know makes us less immortal but to humans we are rarely defeated or raise our sword against each other, and we don't die of natural causes. Basically being the definition of what humans call immortal. Anyways from what i read from my reports as Lt this is what i gathered this is how we where nearly destroyed.


“ Lt Korith! Sir another town has been burnt down we sent a investigation team. But well somehow the humans that lived in the town knocked them out and have captured a dimension seal, and holding the investigation team in prison where if we do not comply they will be eaten by one of the Scarrange.” reported in my subordinate Torian.

I shook my self out of my bed “ what exactly do the humans want ?” I asked “ they want us off there land and to let them live without or even better take off into on the gates to another dimension.” Torian replied “ yeah I know that part of this whole uproar but with that many hostages i don't think that's exactly what they want.” I said angrily “ well that's exactly what there after since after all the great commanders son is with the investigation team.” said Torian. Torian is short black haired , and has blue eyes. He always wears his guardian uniform probably even to bed. The guardian uniform consisted of black cape dark red jacket made of linen and black pants. Shoulder pads and and metal gauntlets. And if you wanted you could add more armour. The problem with Torian is he sticks to the books so much it almost annoying. But he probably one of my best friends So he dressed to the book he even took every piece of advice and where all the armour offered that its needed we can't bleed to death unless we are cut at vital parts of our body being our heart and head. Thankfully our head is hard to cut since there is a very dens bone protecting it. The only time amour is needed if we are fighting massively powerful demons which is rare. Oh and i forgot to mention an immortals weapon are somewhat part of an immortal so depending on what sort of weapon your are good that will be your weapon. When you get your weapon you sorta go into a type of coma and you find what your good and when you wake up the weapon will materialize beside you. They also contain special abilities. Mine is large thick black on one side and a silver gleam on the other. my blade with the ability of fire and and nullifying magic ability i call it Ripflame .Torian's weapon was massive sword which he liked to the protector of justice. Which i though was sort or prestigious but you know whatever make them happy

Okay so are we ordered to do an stealth assassination or time assassination?” i asked “ neither sir. we going to negotiate instead of battling the humans.” Torian said so seriously

I see so are we protecting our diplomats?”

yes sir” he replied

by the way Torian as you can see I'm not in uniform there's no need to address me so formerly.” i said. “no problem... Korith” he sorta delayed saying. Oh well at least he tried. So i put my uniform and I and i met up with my captain “Lt Korith you have been informed right?” he asked “ Yes sir i have. When are we leaving?”

I questioned. “ as soon as the rest of this squad is informed.” he said. His name is Sam, Takath and he is a very calm collected person he seen many battles showing from a scar that goes across his face. His one of the most famous captains being the sole survivor of an expedition to a dimension that where the Demons came from. We got to the military courtyard where captain Sam said “ this is the issue guys. A human town was destroyed yesterday and we sent a royal investigation team to show the humans we mean no harm. Well it likes the humans where expecting that and somehow took them hostage. Now we are going to protect a diplomacy team there because recent intelligence briefing shows that the humans have some demons working for them. Our secondary goal is also to get the dimension seal from them as well. LT. Korith will be leading the first squad with Sargent Torian, Sargent Barl (who wielded an axe which special ability was to create massive earth shattering hits. If you blocked his attack and somehow were still standing a massive earthquake would happen underneath your feet. he was seven feet tall he had very muscular structure. But unfortunately with all that power not a very observant brain used it. Barl only became part of the immortal military because he loves to fight otherwise he didn't really take orders.) ,Corporal Conith (basically Barl's best friend all though he was not as muscular as him he wielded a broad sword which appeared to have no real special ability other than al holding lots of energy and releasing it when cutting an enemy. Basically Barl would do the fighting and he would be the thinker plus do some fighting.) , and 3 other man as he chooses.” i then chose some recruits who rarely went on missions one of them being my dads best friends son Phillip who proven him self a very good fighter and magic user but unfortunately when much younger was nearly killed by a demon in the attack he lost the ability to get a weapon now her carries a hand made weapon with some major supports because immortals can break human weapons by simply exerting magic energy which will destroy the bonds in the metal. So from there we took the a teleportation seal. We arrived inside the burning wreckage of the town. “Okay Barl , Conith you guys up front , and stay with the recruits. Torian and I will split up and look for the humans. There trying to hide themselves. try to look out for traps.” I ordered. Barl look slightly upset he had to babysit recruits. Conith looked pleased because he loves to show off how intelligent he is. As i took off i felt something a little different than a human.

The End

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