Chapter Nine

“Alright guys, we’re all here, and I gotta get to my own tunnel, so I’ll see you later okay? Don’t forget to step over this laser right here.” he said, pointing to the floor a little bit in front of him. Then he smiled at me and added, “It was nice meeting you, Rylee.”

“You too.” I said, trying not to blush again.

“See ya.” The twins said in unison and with that, Sydney descended the steps.

“Where’s he going?” I asked.

“The Novice 3rdClass tunnels are in the other tunnel. 2ndClass tunnels open when you hit the laser.” Morgan stated. They then started down the tunnel, Morgan in the lead as he continued, “Almost every pillar you see here has a purpose, and you can activate them by either tripping a laser like the last two, touching them, or sliding them open to reveal an opening you step into that takes you where you want to go.”

As Morgan talked about this and all other kinds of stuff, sounding like a tour guide at a museum, Mickey leaned over to me and whispered, “He’s a geek, but you get used to it.”

I smiled and was about to whisper back that I thought it was sweet when he called my name like he was a teacher getting onto us. “What’s your first class?” he asked and I dug for my schedule.

“Uh,” I said, looking over it and seeing directions on how to get to the tunnel we were already in. I slid my eyes passed that and to my class list, “Science Intro 1.”

“Cool, ours too!” Mickey said, and then we stopped at the fifth classroom door that stood open.

There were already a group of kids inside, some grouped together and others by themselves, so we took the seats right in front of the door. The room was quiet, and the teacher was nowhere in sight, so we had a chance to take in the room. There were two cabinets on either side of the door that held microscopes and tubes, vials, and beakers while the rest of the room was covered in posters. They depicted the Periodic Table, our DNA, the structure of an atom, and other things I had no idea what they were.

“You know Pib made most of the stuff in this school? He was the leading scientist involved when they were making this place into a school.” Morgan whispered excitedly as he turned in his desk to look at me and Mickey behind me.

“Who’s Pib?” I asked, confused.

“He’s the teacher.” he said and pointed to the front of the room where a desk littered with paper was sitting in front of two blackboards on runners that slid over one another with the name “Dr. Fredrick Pib” in white chalk with “-or-” below it and “Pib” below that.

Then Morgan looked behind us and suddenly said, “Oh!” He jumped up and ran to the back of the room where a single sheet of metal took up the entire wall. “This is where our cubbyholes are that hold our notebooks and stuff. C’mon.” he said and started walking across the room with his hand held just inches away from the wall.

We got up and followed him until he came to an abrupt halt, making us almost run into him. “What?” asked Mickey.

“This one’s mine.” he said, pointing to a spot of the wall that was suddenly glowing red in the shape of a medium sized oval. He pressed his thumb into the oval and a square shaped area of the steel beside his thumb dissolved into thin air, revealing a steal cubbyhole with a notebook and the science book in it.

“Cool.” she said as he took his stuff out and then she started copying what he’d done.

I was just about to start doing it too when he pointed to my side, smiling, and when I looked down I saw a glowing red oval beside my hand. We smiled and then after I got my stuff we sat back down. The rest of the kids in the class had been watching us and now got up and started copying us. I smiled, opening my notebook when a thought suddenly hit me. “Wait,” I said, now confused, “I packed these in my luggage yesterday. How did they get in here?”

Morgan turned back around in his seat and said, “Well they all have little tracking devices in them. There’s a wall like this in all of our classes, and when you press your thumb to the scanner it activates the tracker and transports whatever’s supposed to be in there in the cubby.”

“Then do I have to carry this around all day so I can get it back to my dorm to do homework?” I asked.

“No, because there’s another smaller sheet of steel in your dorm too and it works the same way as these.” he said and we shared a smile.

“Cool.” I said, looking down at my textbook and notebook before grabbing one of my new special pencils.

We were quiet for a while, the room steadily filling up with students and a hum developed as people started conversing. Out in the hall I could hear deep gravelly voice that sounded like the man was at the tunnel’s entrance. He was calling instructions down to the kids on the ground, telling them what classes were up here and helping guide them up the three ways to get to the tunnel.

The tunnel outside started getting crowded and lots more kids rushed in here to either quickly run back out or to take their seat. And as I looked around, I started noticing some of the kids quickly avert their eyes when I looked their way and start whispering to their neighbors, do a double take when they walked in the room to make sure they’d seen me.

It starts.I thought, sighing nervously and aggravatedly as I sank a little in my seat. Then Ty turned around in his seat and said, “Hey, Corie? Do you know how these work?” He motioned to the notebook.

“Yeah,” I said, “My parents showed me.”

He nodded, and then realizing we were being stared at, we both looked over to see a skinny as a stick girl with her blonde hair pulled into a ponytail. She was wearing an excited smile and was shaking a little. She glanced between us and then asked, “Did I hear you right? Did you just call her Rylee? As in Rylee Damien?”

We both nodded and he said, “Yeah.” He cocked an eyebrow at her and we shared a glance.

“TheRylee Damien? The daughter ofTheSarah Mansfield andTheAlan Damien?” she asked, starting to shake even more. We nodded and she gasped. “Oh my gosh! I can’t believe it! Your mom is like the most famous agent in twenty years!”

“And the most decorated female agent in history.” Morgan added, nodding matter-of-factly.

“Yeah, thanks for the update.” Mickey jumped in. “I think she knows who they are, considering they’re her parents.”

“I’m sorry, I’m just so happy to actually meet the daughter of legends. My mom was on the same team as yours once and she told me about how amazing your mom was, all the amazing things she did.” she said, the words almost spilling out of her because she was so ecstatic.

“Yeah, she’s pretty cool.” I said with a smile. By this time the whole class had gotten quiet, everyone trying to hear what was going on, and I was really ready for this to be over. Where was the teacher?

“And your dad is, like, the best scientist ever!” she continued.

“Hey, my dad’s a scientist.” said Morgan, offended. “A really good one.”

“Yeah, but not like hers.” she said, hardly looking at him while she stared at me like I was some kind of idol or something. It was pretty unnerving, and she was really starting to freak me out. But other than the way she was acting towards me, what she was saying made me upset because it was like everyone in the spy world knew everything about my mother and I seemed to know nothing. Finding out something like that can really make you feel like a cruddy daughter.

The End

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