You ignore whatever it was that could be so careless as to disturb YOU.

Instead you take a minute to evaluate the situation . Looking through half closed eyes you see the the cause of the disturbance , a pathetic small waif of a man , wearing only a loin cloth to cover his modesty .Behind him in the shadow of the doorway you just glimps at a shadowy figure ." what is going on ".you say to yourself . Thinking that  you are still out cold the man retreats back out off the door . Shaking with fear you stand and take in your surroundings . The room is huge and looks as though it has been decorated by some egyption king or queen. You decide not to wait for who or whatever has captured you to return and go to the open doorway . Peering out you see to your relief nothing but a long stone passage decorated identical to the room you just left  .

The End

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