You look up and see a slightly humanoid being. You ask, "What do YOU want?"

It seems like a woman. Except for the fact that her skin is blue. She has small tentacle-looking things off the back of her head and is wearing a flowy dress with a layer of three neckaleces. She also has a strange red marking on her head.

She points up. She then signal something smacking against something else and sinking. "Fly. You sink. We find." she says. You're not sure what to do. All you're able to carry out of yor mouth is, "Uhhh."

"Come." She says. You try to say "I can't." but then you realize what's happening and can hardly believe yourself. She pulls you up before you can talk and guides you out of the room. She guides you through an Arabic looking corridor. You gasp as you see water outside. A squid swims right by one of the windows. You see more of her kind, Men, Women, and children. They stare at you strangely until you leave the room. She guides you through a large market place where people are buying hurridly. You see out the windows of the market and see a whole metropolis. She takes you into a large room. To male versions of her with armor and spears guard the throne. In the throne is someone in a clock. You can't make out his face. "Who could this be?" He asks ignorantly. You wonder why he could speak such good English but the woman couldn't. You decide to...


The End

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