Leave the room.

I woke up and immediately started coughing. My throat burned and I rolled over, coughing out water. I blinked and hoarsely yelled "hello?!" The coughing started again and I rolled of the bed, my stomach aching. Vomit flew out of my mouth, covering the floor. I stopped vomiting, tasting salt. I stood up uneasily, looking at the well lit stone room. It wasn't very big, just enough for one bed and space to walk besides it. I stumbled to the opening and looked outside. A large hallway spanned in both directions at least a kilometre. I leaned against the wall, coughing. I blinked and tried to stop my stomach from contracting. A minute later, I stood up straight and walked left down the hall. The walls were decorated with absolutely nothing and a song started to echo across the hall. I staggered to the end of the hall, to see it turn right. On the walls was dried blood and a music box open on the ground. The music box shut closed. In front of it was a message on the floor, arranged with pictures of dead women. It spelt out "leave my domain."I squinted at the message as a bang resounded down the hallway. A man started singing from the way that I had just come. I panicked and started sprinting back the way I came, rounding the corner. A man walked into the room that I had just been sleeping in and yelled. Panicking, I sprinted past the blood filled hallway, took a left into another hallway and to a set of gold doors. A clothed skeleton sat against the door, it's fingers tipping it's hat downwords. I threw the door open, a massive room greeting me. A hundred foot ceiling was above me, sixty feet in length and eighty in width. In front of me was a solid pane of glass, showing the bottom of an ocean and an endless city filled with stone towers. 

Booming echoed behind me as a heavy man's feet slapped the ground. A series of loud boomes echoed around the room, followed by dozens of tings. I looked around, seeing no exit. Pieces of metal lined the walls. I sprinted to the metal and started climbing up the wall. I made it twenty feet before the man made it inside the room. He had a machine gun. He looked around the room and laughed. He yelled "No one messes with my building!"

He then sprayed the glass with gunfire, yelling "NOBODY!" The glass cracked and he ran out of the room, closing the doors. The glass continued to crack. Sweat poured down my face. 

The End

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