Get up and search the room for any clues of where you are.

You stretch your aching  body and stiffly push your swollen legs over the edge of the cot you had been layed in. As you attepmt to spring into a standing possition, a strange sensation fills you, and your vision clouds over.

Attempting to stand once more (a bit more slowly), you suceed and begin to slowly creep about the room you have been brought to. Movement begins to loosen your stiff muscles, and with new feeling, you begin to test where you are hurt.

You feel a few gashes on your face, arms and lower legs. Your left hand is touchy, and throbs with movement. One of your ancles is about twice normal size and oddly numb. The left side of you head hurts, and when you breath, deep pain surges around your chest and abdomen. This must have been where you smacked the water as the plane fell.

Oh, the plane. As you think about why you are here, you feel dizzy and the room begins to fade... You decide you need to sit and slowly drop to the floor where you are. You rest your head in your hands and empty your mind. Minutes, then hours pass, and still you do not move. You do not think. The silence feels good, and when a sound disturbs your reprieve, you find youself a bit testy.

The End

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