You open your new book. Anything to at least try to enjoy this flight. One of the stewardesses hands you your drink, "Are you sure you're okay, Mr. Brigg?" she asks, "Yes, I am." you reply. She leaves and her voice comes on the radio soon after. "We will be experiencing slightly harsh weather. Please remain calm, we will now be putting on the motion picture."

You start to read. 10 minutes later...

The weather is becoming fierce and you put down your book.

One minute later lighting strikes the plane. All of the passengers in coach are in panic. everybody grabs for their oxygen masks as the plane starts to loose control. Every thing goes black. You wake up a few feet under water and then attempt to swim up. You see the plane sink to your right. Then, something grabs you.

You wake up in some sort of building and decide too...

The End

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