Chapter 3

Gill woke from an uneasy slumber. The battered dull skies hurt his half opened eyes. He had forgotten the last time the sun had spilled into his windows. Gill had not seen a glorious morning in so long. A thick sheet of gloom hung over Morriath. It had done for many years. No one smiled anymore. The children didn’t play in the streets and the mothers didn’t gossip at the market. Gills father did not love him anymore.

            Twenty-three-years ago King Eilath fathered a son and had all the power in the world. Morriath was a beautiful place, full of cheer and happiness. The meadows were lush with greens and yellows, and the forests were oozing with bluebells and snowdrops. The sun shone, and the people smiled. The power took over Eilath, it went to his head. All he ever wanted in this world was his people, the people of Morriath. He set out to destroy everything in his path. With the Morgot by his side, it was possible.

            He led his men into a gruesome battle against thousands of men of the Eastern Realm. Blood was spilt on both sides. Thousands of men lost their lives for what they believed in. Eilath had all this power simply from the crystal that was hung loosely from his neck. Whoever wears the crystal was safe from death. Could be injured but heal rapidly and could easily be swayed to evil. Eilath got drawn to the dark. He was no longer himself. His eyes were glazed. He spoke to no one unless it involved blood shed.

            Only four-hundred-and-thirty-seven men returned to the Eastern Realm. One stayed behind to fight Eilath. A brave man. Elwyn his name. A simple farmer from the land of Thale. He knew the King was strong and powerful. But Elwyn had to get the crystal so this life of blood and torture would end. Elwyn wanted the chance to bring his daughter up in a good, respectful world. All he had to do was break the chain from Eilath’s neck.

            The battlefield was eerie. Corpses everywhere as far as the eye could see. Faint screams of dying men were heard in the distance. They soon faded. Silence all around except for the metal clinks of Armour walking towards Elwyn. Eilath. They stared at each other intensely. Never blinking. Sweat began dripping down Elwyn’s forehead into his eyes. He didn’t move a muscle. Eilath was fifty meters away, he drew his sword. Elwyn’s heart was thumping so hard he was sure it was going to burst out of his chest. His hand was still firmly on the hilt of his sword. He planned to draw at the last second. Eilath was getting closer; it seemed to take a life time. Twenty meters, ten meters. Here we go. Elwyn kept saying over in his head. Eilath began to roar in a murderous rage, his sword was held high. Veins in his neck bursting through his skin fuelled with hot violent blood. He bought his sword around the back of his head and began a vicious swinging motion. He didn’t want to give Elwyn the smallest of chances. As Eilath plunged his sword down towards Elwyn’s chest, Elwyn quickly removed his sword and blocked the Kings first blow. As the two swords collided, Elwyn pushed all his weight towards Eilath. The tip of his sword connected with the Kings neck, Elwyn sliced into the flesh and cut the chain of the crystal. It fell to the floor along with Eilath to his knees. Clutching at his bloody gash he gasped for air, reached out his hand for help and finally collapsed in a heap. Elwyn stumbled backwards for at least ten meters. He was so stunned; his legs buckled and gave way. He found himself on the muddy ground, surrounded by the dead. Finally realizing that he had just defeated the king. He had done it. No one should ever know and the crystal should be hidden forever.

The proud father did not know the full power of the crystal and the future that his darling Athena would encounter.

The End

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