Chapter 2

His feet were heavy on the ground. Trudging along, Mallath and his men had to return to their king. The Morgot’s mission was incomplete. They wounded their target, but had not successfully killed her. “Hurry, fools!” Mallath’s deep raspy voice sent a tremor of anger and hate through his band of failed followers. The rain pelted down on them like a platoon of sharp arrows falling from the skies above.

Mallath had a blanket of disappointment surrounding him. Failing to bring Athena back to his king, dead or alive, has made his dignity and pride completely leave him. He was lost in his own world as they entered back into the kingdom of Morriath. A dull, exhausted place was Morriath. Centuries of neglect and hate had enclosed the kingdom. No one smiled in these parts. Souls were no longer parts of the people of Morriath. Mallath’s return heightened the vastness off Morriath’s emptiness. He left, the strongest of the Morgot and returned the weakest. Mallath’s poor attempt to capture Athena weighed on his already shattered mind. He felt a heavy lump in his throat; a sense of not knowing what to tell his king, made Mallath feel temporarily uneasy. He had to snap out of it. The Morgot had failed at missions before, but the extremity of this failure was getting to Mallath on a serious level. Athena held the item to what would save the entire kingdom of Morriath from an eternity of complete darkness.

            As Mallath made his way slowly up the stone stairs, he shuddered as if a thousand cold hands were resting on his back. Shaking the chill off he moved his thick black hair from his face, itched his chin where the stubble had returned, and he had arrived at the top. Mallath glanced behind him. Cold. Dark. Empty. The people of Morriath still lived this way because of him. Mallath took a deep breath, lowered his head and walked through the dense wooden doors.

           *                               *                         *             


Athenas wound had dried and developed a layer of congealed blood around the edge. The pain was not as great as it had been many hours ago. She had no idea of the time, or the day. Her face was muddy; her hair was matted and knotted. She just wanted to bathe and have her silky soft skin to return once again.

            Reaching around her neck, Athena safely felt for her crystal. Realizing it was still there a sigh of relief broke from her mouth. The sleep had helped her strength return. Gripping the jaggered rock to the left of her, she pulled herself up. “Dizzy.” Athena said quietly whilst raising her hands to her face. A dense breath of pain came out of her mouth. Athena, slightly light headed found her balance and began to look around for clues, as to how to get out.

            A beam of light trickled through a hole in the rocks, a couple of hundred meters in front of her. A nervous but positive smile gleamed over Athenas face. She made her way towards the light. Placing pressure on her wound after every rock she climbed, Athena got closer to escaping the hell she was in. Vivid memories of the attack still plagued her mind. What could the Morgot want with her? She was just a normal twenty-three year old woman. The only significance in her life was that her parents were brutally murdered when she was a young girl. Athena began to piece things together. Had the Morgot had something to do with the slaughter of her mother and father? If so, why? And what could Athena have that the Morgot wanted?



                                   *               *                    *

Morriath’s king stood with his back to Mallath. No words had been spoken since Mallath’s arrival. Silence between the pair lasted an eternity.

            The men stood in a grand hall. Dull and cold. Nothing except a black stone throne occupied the vast space. Blood red drapes hung from the ceiling to the floor circumferencing the borders of the building. They did little to help the place feel welcoming.

“My king…I…” Eilath abruptly Interrupted Mallath’s sentence.

“Mallath you have failed me. Tell me why?”

“My lord I apologise. The ambush went according to plan.” Mallath’s voice was low and full of shame.

“We watched her for two days and two nights. On the third day, as dawn filled the skies we attacked. She ran, she ran so far. Me and my men followed.”

“I know the details. You must tell me why you failed! Why I don’t have the crystal in my hand once more? You injured the woman and she still got away!” Eilath’s voice sounded higher the angrier he was getting.

“Your Majesty, yes we did injure her with an arrow in the Black Mountains, but my Lord. She is the one in possession of the crystal; she has a lot of power. My King I will not rest until I find her, I will not stop until you have what is rightfully yours. And the people of Morriath can once again, live for a purpose.” Mallath’s voice became stronger filled with passion to find the crystal.

“Me and my men will be ready at dusk to hunt and kill Athena.” The king slowly turned to see Mallath. His tall structure moved with grace towards him. His dense brown flowing hair bounced on his shoulders as he walked down the small case of stone stairs. Face to face with Mallath, Eilath’s huge brown eyes were fixed on him.

“If you fail me again Mallath, death will not be your punishment. You will be stripped of your status and to live as every other lives here. Just waiting to die.” The Kings voice was thick with truth and anger.

“I will not fail you my Lord.” Mallath bowed to his king and left.






















The End

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