Maria and Lawrence Carter made there way down the football length hallway, discussing there future. When the couple had received the papers ordering them to appear before the Council of Internal Affairs and Defense. At the pentagon.

Being that the two where nuclear scientist, two of the top of the filed, they believed they had done something wrong. But, then again what would that be? They had stop there studies when the daughter, Ana-Lyn , there sixteen year old daughter, had started filling out Collages Appellations.

Maria looked down at her black, V-cut black knit Worthington Sweater and gray dress pants. She turned and looked at her husband.

“You ready, sweetie?” Maria asked her nervous husband. She took his meaty hand in hers and held it tight.

“I don’t know. I just keep thinking about Ana. What if we did something and they take her..” Lawrence said. His daughter was the apple of his eye. He was one of those Dad’s who threatened his daughters dates. Then he gave them a talk about why he should be a nuclear scientist like himself.

“We did nothing wrong. There is no reason why they would take Ana-Lyn. Come on,” Maria started, but she stopped by her phone.


the caller I.D said. She picked it up on the eighth count.

“Ana? Hi?” Maria said.

“Mamma, the cops are here. They told me I have to come with them..”

The End

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