Ana grumbled as she climbed up the steps into a smooth, black jet. She hugged the tiny Aero jacket to her chest, her goldenness hair coming out of it’s messy bun.

“Really sweetie, the fact that they made you get strip screeched is normal. But really, you should have told use you had your wallet in your boots.” Her Mother cooed, walking in front of her.

Ana rolled her eyes, and entered the jet. A second family had claimed one of the couches, and where happily talking When they saw Ana’s parents, they immodestly jumped up and rushed over to embrace.Well, shit, whoever these people are, they aren’t normal, Ana thought.

She found a tiny couch toward the back of the jet where she could calmly listen to her music and sleep. She laid down, and turned up her music, drowning out the sound of the two families talking. Till she herded her name.

“Now, Ana-Lyn is in the back somewhere, Ryder. You should go find her.” She herded someone grumble a reply, and footsteps coming towards her.

She rolled over, her face facing the couch cousin, her Ipod hanging of the side of the couch. Then she was being poked.

“Whoever you are, go away.” She said angrily. She hated being talked to.

“I’m Ryder. And I know your awake. I just herded you screaming the words to Baby One more time.By the way, you’re a fabulous singer.” Ana rolled over and looked at the boy.

He had curly blonde hair, and big blue eyed. If he hadn’t disturbed her, he might have been hot, only if he hadn’t.

“Shut up.” She said, and pushed his chest.What a good first impression I’m making.She thought. He smiled.

“You seem awake now. May I, err sit?” He asked. She rolled her eyes and nodded. She pulled her feet up to her chest and trued up her Ipod. He sat down next to her and but his arm around her and just like that he pulled her Ipod out of her ears.

“So, watch listening to. Oh, I see. You like that song Pumped up kicks. Good song, ‘secpt it’s about kids killing kids.” She rolled her eyes again.

“Well, if you don’t give that back to me, they might have to make a song about me killing you. How do you like that.” He laughed, and handed her the Ipod.

“You know, with such crazy parents, your acutely kind normal. And very fitly.” He said with a laugh.

“Hey! I’m not flirting with you.” Ok, maybe she was, but she was not going to admit it to his face.

“Sure you aren’t. So, how do you feel about moving to the woods of Northern Maine?”

“Well, lets see, my mother had to take all of the sharp objects away from me since I had to cut ties with my social life, and give up my phone and lap top. Plus, she took down my Facebook page.” She sighed. “How ‘bout you?”

“Pretty much the same, only I didn’t try to kill myself. How long do you think we are going to be stuck here?”

“Well, on this plane I’m guessing about three more hours, then in Maine, I’ll be there till I get to go to collage- If they let me.”

The End

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