At The Worlds EndMature

Being forced to move to a secret Government base, sixteen year old Ana-Lyn or Ana, thought her life was over. Till she meet Ryder. Both of them hating the world they where now forced to live in, they try to make the best of it. But, when they find out a terrible secret, they must make choices that go against family, and morals.

Ana stood in front of her closet and sighed. It was empty, her cloths packed away neatly in boxes, ready to be loaded into the car. Like her, they would soon find themselves on a Government base for nuclear scientist and their family. She had to give up everything because of her parents work.

She had to cut ties with friends, her boyfriend, which wasn’t that bad but still. She turned on the heel of her shoes, and grabbed the last box markedAna’s stuff- KEEP OUT.She smiled and tucked it under her arm. She quickly glanced around her room once more and shut the door. She trembled down the stairs, like she did every morning before school and went outside.

She found her parents talking quietly to the movers, who would take the boxes and tables to Maine, from there the base would be taking the truck the rest of the way. While all of that was happening, her family would meet the other families, six others, at the airport and ride on a privet jet to the base.

“Ana, dear. Come bring your box and put in the truck so these fine fleas can leave.” She rolled her eyes and studied the smiling movers. Her dad was so dumb.

She placed the box neatly towards the front, and closed the back of the movers truck closed. With bite of her cheek, she got in the back of the car. Buckling herself in, she thought of the memories she had in this house. Learning how to ride her first bike right in this driveway, her first kiss at thirteen on that very porch, her Dad (for once acting the part) giving a very stein lecture about his daughters ‘rights’ to her homecoming date. She smiled and pulled out her Ipod. She turned on her play list tiled “ Slow Country Songs” and listened as Taylor Swift talked about her mom. At that moment, her mothers loud voice disturbed her quietness.

“Ana, you ready?” She questioned, a hint of nervures in her voice.

“Sure.” Ana said, lying. She did not want to go and her mother knew that.

“You know, there is a boy your age at the base. His name is Ryder. His parents are good friends of ours. You know you are named after his mother..Ana-Marie..oh shes such a nice women, is she Lawrence?” She fell into sleeps gentle arms as her parents talked about people who she would she who soon be forced to live with, against her will.

The End

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