The sound of noiseMature

Loud, strange sounds woke Sarah from the depth of her slumber and though the ache in her head receded to about half her husband's hairline, it threatened to grow again as she slowly registered the corny sounds drifting through the walls to permeate her room.  Gingerly, she roused from the bed, taking the damp towel from her head to the bathroom rail where it will dry.

'That wench! must have gone to the same classes as Apes and Buffalos' Sarah mentally blocked the noise from her head.

Noting that it was already quarter pass noon, Sarah quickly attired in a lavender knee-length dress with rose patterns along with Silver pumps and descended the stairs - if she didn't get all that the want in the town at least she's get space from the squalor that her husband is exposing her to. She held tightly to the banister as she made her way down as the vibrations from the noise coming from the far corner of the center wing was so strong it could have sent her tumbling down.

"Anita, have you seen Ev?, this noise is outrageous!" Anita kept her head bent above the flowers that she diligently watered, oblivious of Sarah's presence. Her heart flipped like a fish out of water when she felt a sudden tap on her shoulder and Sarah apologized before repeating her question.

"Yes mam, he left about an hour ago, don't know when he be back" Thank you Anita, if you need me I'll be in the town.


Marion glared at Sarah as she looked at her though one of the french windows in her room that is parallel to the main entrance of the house. 'No wonder your dear Everalto fell in love with me...fool!' Noting Sarah's naked face and overly simple attire, Marion erupted into a mirthless laugh, 'if music sends you away, music will play everyday.'

The End

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