Trouble in ParadiseMature

"Anita, Marian is here, come and show her to her room." Everalto spat the order the minute the house keeper answered her work phone. While Marian chattered airily and floated around the room in her bright green dress, Everalto stalked to the cabinet and poured himself a stiff drink.

"Trying to get rid of me so quickly monsieur? I know we have all the time in the world now but can't you spare me a more extravagant welcome?" Marian walked up behind him and draped herself around his neck then lightly trailed a finger along his nape.

Everalto's forehead creased into a deep furrow, "Marian, I only accommodate you because of your unfortunate state and while you are here, don't forget to remember that I am a married man!"

Mademoiselle Kirkshaw's jaws dropped in consternation, "my unfortunate state! sweetheart, I am pregnant with your child - our child!  how dare you talk about my pregnancy being an 'unfortunate state! we'd better be 'fortunate' while being accommodated here, I didn't solely put myself in this 'unfortunate' situation." Marians voice erupted throughout the mansion and her heart heaved with irrepressible rage. 

Everalto's eyes were that of a category five hurricane as he bore into her, wondering all the time how he got himself thus far into a bottomless pit. Icily he downed his alcohol in one gulp.

"sirens don't live in my house Marian, you will respect me, you will respect my wife and you will make yourself content with all that will be provided for you." Everalto's last word escorted the house keeper into the room. Upon seeing their guest, Anita dutifully curtsied in greeting.

"my unfortunate state, I will respect this and I will respect that...we will see about that monsieur, we will see about that," Marian mumbled loudly to Everalto's back as she followed the stoutly built housekeeper to her room.


Sara's head pounded terribly from her earlier fall. She was terrified of bats and two of them viciously attacked her the minute she stepped through the bathroom door. Too far in, she slipped on the floor which happened to be wet in an attempt to fan them away. She couldn't remember if she was the one who left the windows open or not but that was always a precaution since her room was positioned parallel  to the stables and bats sometimes go there. She planned to go eye-shopping in the town by mid-day but thanks to her husband and this monstrous headache she can go no further from her bed. 

"This can't be happening, it simply can't be! he threatened to move them in but I didn't think he would have acted so fast! That son of a ...." she winced from a sharp pain that ran across her forehead. " he was so caught up in seeing to the comfort of his tramp that he didn't even come to see if I was being killed or not! thank goodness for Anita; I shall ensure that she is duly rewarded." Slowly Sara turned on her left side, careful to keep the warm towel given to her by Anita on her forehead. " tomorrow you wicked one, tomorrow. Nobody ruins my castle without a tussle first" with that, Sara closed her eyes, gave in to the vibrations of her head and slowly drifted off to a dreamy place.

Behind her lids were the brewing war for a devious woman who gloated at her beneath the banister of stairs in her own home.

The End

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