Mademoiselle Kirksaw plastered the sickly sweet smile on my lips as she approached the door, it opened before she could knock. There Everalto stood, tall and proud and handsome as always. she felt her crimson lips form a seductive edge.

“Hello good sir” she murmured, red touched his cheeks and he glared at her.

“There is no need to be inappropriate mademoiselle” he said sternly.

“Oh, but it's so much more fun” she said, the indecent words rolling off her tongue as she entered the grand hallway, a set of marble stairs led upstairs. She spied Everalto's wife glace over the banister before storming away.

“I assume you have provided me with lovely accommodation and a mid-wife” Kirksaw said, a smug look touching her lips. Everalto took a deep breath.

“Of course” He said, eyeing her stomach. The bulge at this point wasn't noticeable.

Mademoiselle Kirksaw had watched Everalto for the past few months, she had recognised the signs of a stressed man – an easy target to provide for her if she played her cards right.

She had expected him to be more of a challenge based on the stories she had heard of him and his beautiful wife. But he had come to her willingly after only one beverage.

“I hope it's a boy, a son you can be proud of” she said loudly, hoping the words stabbed at his barren wife. It was only a matter of time before she won and Everalto was hers alone Kriksaw was certain.  

The End

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