The First moveMature

Sweat gleamed on her face and heat seeped through every pore of her body as she slowed the stallion and led it to the stables. Rainer and Black Snow snorted their welcome as Sara tied her ride of the morning in its stall. With a snort, it lowered its head and started to feast on a stack of hay left their by Pablo, the Stable hand. Sara patted its head then went to greet her two other beauties. "Hi!, I see you've eaten without Shadow huh, I bet you're both still good boys, your treat is on me later!" Black Snow stepped closer to her and rubbed it soft gleaming black coat against her dewy face. After a few stokes and a couple glances around the stable, Sara slowly started back to the reality of her life in the circus soon to be shared with her husband, his mistress and their son.

Her heart had slowed considerably since her return but with each step towards the door, her heart rate increased as if she was just setting out to ride. Brushing a stray strand of hair from her face, her heart released a wailing sigh. Silence sung a loud song around the mansion giving her raging thoughts permission to ramp at the front of her mind. The purpose of the ride is now lost. Early morning rides usually left her refreshed and invigorated but not this morning. She has endured so much over the past year that this new development has taken a grave toll on her state of mind. "God! how could I have been so stupid to not realize that it would come to this, how could I after so many lies and so much callousness?"  she flung her fist at the air and tried to keep the dew of her eyes at bay

"...You are so worthless! I did not marry a barren woman! if you can't even bear a child, a child for your own husband; how fit are you to wear my ring?" memories of his harsh words beckoned her tears and like pent up rain, they fell. The peace and calm from her ride vanished like declarations of love written on sand. Instinctively; she wrapped an arm around her mid-section then muffling her sobs, she dried her eyes and opened the door.

Everalto glanced through the door of his study when the front door snapped shut. The most he was able to see of his wife before she escalated the glowing mahogany staircase  was her green cashmere sweater and the heel of her riding shoes. " ....I need this done within two days, I will check in tomorrow to give further instructions," with that, he replaced the phone to its cradle, leaned back in his leather chair and picked up the picture of him and Sara from his desk. She is a beautiful woman, he mused, her smile radiates and brightens the picture on his behalf. Bright black Eyes crinkle at the corners of her face and hold such joy he was forced to smile in retrospect of the wonderful time that they had on their second vacation in Venice, Italy.  Sadly, everything is about to crumble, In the next two minutes, his mind and heart will begin their journey on a roller coaster ride which is all his own doing.  The First move had already been made for this downhill ride. Because of Mademoiselle Kirkshaw he had no choice...

Sara's scream shattered the walls, corners, crevices and rooms of the Andrew's private residence like bullets from canons in a third world war. 

 Everalto's smile fell like a broken winged bird. He rubbed his forehead. The journey has begun.

The End

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