At the end of the roadMature

The sounds of a galloping horse echoed like recurring thunder bolts at dawn in a secluded forest. Mist still hung around the bark of ever green trees and the scent of pinewood perfumed the chilly morning air but for Sara Andrews, such was the necessity for a sane mind. Stroking the stallions' shiny black mane, she propelled him to continue at its vigorous speed while her hair played in the slices of wind that splashed in her face. she was almost at the end of the trail now but for once she contemplated going a little further, just far enough to escape the  tumultuous and bitter state of her reality.

"I must be a fool to continue living like this, why do I allow him to continue treating me like this? No longer monsieur, no longer" thoughts of the latest events in her 4 year old marriage played over and over in her mind. "  mademoiselle Kirkshaw will be moving in with...what does he mean she'll be coming to live with us?" she snapped a stray limb from her path and flung it aside "she and that bastard child of his, under my roof! Surely I must be going mad" by now, she was half an hour further from the three story mansion which she shared with her husband, Everalto Jonathan Andrews. They were a match made in heaven but over the last year the flames have been receding rapidly; only time will tell if their heat will die.  

The End

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