At That Day

A girl named Cassey who had been die for a while, met someone weird, and hard to face her own lifes. And one day finally she found her happiness.

That day, Cassey will go to school. She always woke up earlier than her friends, just because she had of many duties that really have to be did, even she felt tired, sick instead. Actually, there's no one who asked her to do those. But Cassey realized, she was correctly understand that she had nothing, she just lived a moment with her step-mother and her own father. But that's not the main problem.

Sometimes she felt really awkward, when she realized many pressures of her lifes. Sometimes, she also struggled why she had to face these problems, start from she lose her mother, and face the real world that its really hard for her.

''Hey, Cassey. What do you think about this?''.

Thats Rena, she's one of popular kid who always wanted to accept Cassey as she was.

''Hehe, good one.''

Cassey is one of kind quite type girl. She just talked when she needed it, and she just mingled when the good mood came in.
One day, Cassey is like a mad person. She feels a great wound stucks in her body. But, that's the quite one, Cassey never sighed anymore since her Mom was die. For this time, no one is caring about Cassey, just Rena and her own father. That's not a suffering but Cassey really never realized, she just suffered about her problems. About who was always taking care of her, she never thought it, instead.

Rena calls. Ring, ring..

''Ya, hello?'' Cassey ans it lazely

''Are you okay? You didn't show your quiteness--the one that I'd loved it--for 5 days? There's no letter? Are you sick? Im worrying about your condition. Sorry, maybe I was too over for my acts then you're never taken care by me. Sorry, now Im realizing how I need you."

''Come on, I never read you at all. What's your speaking of?''

''Please, I know you well. You're so quite person, but you're not the one who never cared with the others conditions. I believe it, because I know youre humble. I know whole of who you are.''

''Don't praise me. Im okay, you can leave me alone, now.''

''Okay, I'll leave our phone, and take me there!''

''No! You, you're..''

Rena hangs up.
That's weird conversation, but actually Cassey pretends unknow about those. She starts from her aphatheticness. Cassey turns her body then..


Suddenly Rena stands up in front of her.

''Okay, you just don't understand about this, dear?'' she lift one foot more closer to Cassey.

''No, wait. You're, you're Rena, alright? You, you're a real human.''

''So this way why you never got an A score in your class.''

''Don't be kidding, I knew you.''

''I'm Rena. You don't recognize me?''

''But, you're different. I never looked Rena like that. Rena was a good person, I'd loved her. More than she knew. You're the one who I ever met in my dream. Yeah, that's you!

''Im, Rena. When you met me?''

''Yesterday when i felt a huge injury in my body. That's great, I almost couldn't breathe.''

''Youre talking much. I never seen you like this.''

''Seeing me like this?''

"So you really ever saw me before. Come on Rena, sorry for that phone. I'm really tired. I also didn't realize thats you. Sorry. Let me give a massive huges for you."

*She hugs a woman that standing up in front of her*

''This smell, are you using a perfume? This perfume is really like my own mother.''

''So for now, you have understood who am I, dear.''

''No! Oh Mom! Are you sure? Really? No, Im meeting with a freak ghost.''

''So you see your own Mommy like a ghost? Heh! Rebbelius kid!''

''No, I don't understand at all. So..''

''You must be having a lotta questions. If you wanna know further, please hold my hands, and join with me.''

''I'd loved you Mom--but I'm still hesitate, is she really my Mom--I miss you so'', She whispers those.

''No!! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up my best, Cassey!''
Cassey opens her eyes slowly and seeing wonder what happen.

The father and Rena explain what happen to Cassey.
"You didn't wake up for 3 days, after I sent an e-mail to you. Are you kidding? Im about to worry you, fool! I won't leave you, you know I really love you, Cassey. Aren't you loving me too? We became a best friend for a years. You never realized it before.''

Then Cassey's father speaks up..
''Sorry, my dearie. I never took care of you, I'm so sorry. I'm not a good father that you expected. Sorry dear, I was just worrying my second life, my jobs, but in my deepest heart, there's just you. No one, you're my little love after your Mom..
I love you, dear..

''I was die, I was die, Rena, Dad.. I dreamt that I did like a fake scenario such a dream. I met you, Rena as my Mother. Then I smell some perfumes of my own Mom, I was die for a moment for 3 days. Im invited by her to follow and given more further about her life.''

''We both understand, now. Get out, and take your bath, Cassey. You look so upset, jerk and.. Heh! Don't forget to pray. We both love you, Cassey. Now we have a plan to make you happy. Like.. go to beach maybe?''

''Ok, Im in!''

Cassey still hesitate what happened. But, that's life. But now, the bad conditions turns slowly into a good one. Cassey's happy. Now she's more showing her sweet smiles than before.

The End

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