The Window

His eyes were trained on the old playhouse that took pride of place in the backyard. Despite his twelve years of age and everything that was happening in his life, his mother still insisted on keeping it. However; that was not what he was seeing.


Instead he was watching himself at the age of six. Back when he still played in there. Up until that time it was a refuge, a safe haven. He used to hide there from all the horrible things that took place in his own home.


He saw himself at play; pretending to be a pirate. Off looking for buried treasure. It was comforting to see. The comfort didn't last long, his father came running out of the house. He was yelling at the top of his lungs, angry for some unknown reason. "Jonothan get over here. Now!" Jonothan shut his eyes, he didn't, couldn't watch what came next. Such a thing is bad enough the first time around.


"Oh you're still in here." Jonothan's mother stated as she bustled back into the kitchen. Jonothan snapped back to the present. He breathed a sigh of relief as the present came flooding back. "Yeah, I'm still here. But I should go up to my room to do some homework before He gets back." Jonothan quickly dodged his way out of the kitchen, careful not to look too closely at anything, just in case the memories resurfaced.


Jonothan's mother watched her son leave, not saying a word. She then went to put the lid back on the biscuits. Careful not to let her emotions show. She too looked out of the window; but, unlike Jonothoan, she wasn't looking at anything. She wasn't seeing anything. Instead her mind had wandered away. It did this often.

The End

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