Phone Call

“So you want me to come over?” Jonothan asked, worried as to what this might mean. “Of course I want you to come over. You are my best friend aren’t you?” Luke joked. “Ok Luke.” Jonothan smiled. “You win. I’ll come over this weekend.” “Why not tonight?” Luke asked, sounding slightly hurt. “Oh right. You’re not aloud to go out on school nights. What are you? Permanently grounded or something?”

Jonothan was no longer listening. He was instead staring out the kitchen window. Luke’s voice sounded to Jonothan as if it were coming from a million miles away as it came down the line. “Jonothan, Jonothan? Are you still there?” He barely noticed as his mouth answered. “Luke I’ll see you tomorrow. OK?” His hand automatically hung up the phone. His eyes and mind were so transfixed by what was out that window.

The End

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