Coming Home

In this story you see the home life of a boy named Jonothan. You will also see how it effects his life on the outside world; if there is one.

Jonothan tried to sneak in the back door only to find his mother waiting impatiently there for him. Her look was enough, the question plain. "What? I'm late. So what?" Jonothan asked in an attempt to avoid his mother's piercing gaze. "You promised to be back at four so we could get your hair cut before He gets back. Did you forget?" "Yeah, sorry" Jonothan lied "Now, can I have a snack?" He asked in an attempt to change the subject.

Jonothan could see the lie written all over his face like, but she let it slide. "There are some biscuits in that container on the table. Now tomorrow I expect you to be here so we can get your hair done alright?" "Can't." Jonothan replied through a mouthful of biscuit. "We're going on an excursion tomorrow." Jonothan produced a well crumpled note from his pocket and handed it to his mother. All without taking a break from stuffing his face. "You have to sign this."

Somehow his mother understood everything that jonothan had just said and took the note from him to sign with a sigh. However before she could do this the phone rang. "Hello? Oh hi Luke how are you? You want to speak to Jonothan? Sure I'll put him on." Jonothan quickly snatched the handset from his mother before she could find some way to embarrass him in front od his best friend. "Hi Luke! What's up?" Jonothan was grinning at hearing from his friend.

In the background, his mother smiled a secret smile. Something seen very rarely in that household. She then signed the permission form and left.

The End

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