condition necessary

Carry was stood outside that room. The room about which many rumours had been based around. And now Carry was about to enter it.

'Carry Maddison.' A deep, hoarse voice called out. Carry took a deep breath and pushed the door open, it creaked. Carry jumped. None of the doors here creaked. None of them. Everything was perfect, white, blue or mint-green; all shiny and clean. But this room was totally different, it was brown.

Carry didn't even recognise the colour when she entered the room, it took around ten seconds for her to recall what brown looked like. She only ever knew white, blue and mint-green and maybe a few hair colours... and red. Red was Carry's favourite colour and she wasn't going to forget it in a hurry. And she wouldn't let the people here make her do so. So, maybe to spite them, she wore bright red socks, with dark red stars sewn onto them.

They had all protested this, but each time they did so, Carry threw a fit. And since she was classed as a "dangerous patient", they didn't argue further.

Carry gave a small smile as she looked around the room, taking in every single aspect of it, every single object and colour and speck of dust. Because she knew she wouldn't be seeing them again any time soon.

'Carry. Take a seat.' The voice said gruffly. Carry jumped and scampered over to the chair. She took a sharp breath of shock as she realised her chair was located next to one that was occupied by a sullen-looking boy of around her age, he had beautiful caramel-coloured skin, and hair and eyes the colour of the finest dark chocolate. She looked him up and down a few times before dragging her eyes across the table.

'Carry... We are putting you in another ward. With Noah, here.' The voice said again, Carry looked around, trying to pinpoint the location of it. She realised they were talking to Noah and her through a speaker system. 

'What ward? Why?' Carry asked, Noah had yet to make an attempt to complain. She didn't recognise him, so he must have been in a totally different ward from her.

'A special ward.' 

Carry's stomach dropped, she didn't like the sound of this. She'd been called "special" enough in her life to know it was not a good thing. Carry didn't even have a diagnosed problem, they just shoved her into the asylum telling her it was for her own good. Or maybe they did find something wrong with her but just didn't want to tell her.

'You should just be quiet and go along with what they say or you'll regret it.' Noah murmured.

'They can't do anything to us. This is a hospital.' Carry in formed him in a matter of factly voice.

'They can do as they please. And who told you this was an asylum?' He chuckled.

Carry assumed that Noah really did have something wrong with him. Maybe he's just got severe paranoia?  Carry thought, looking at him again. 

'This ward is for people with the same condition as you two. But regrettably, you two are the only people on our entire campus who suffer from it.' 

'What have we got exactly?'

'We are not at liberty to tell you.' A female voice butted in, 'and also, when you are transferred we will ask you to remove those red socks.'

'Why?' Carry asked angrily.

'Because they will disturb the calming atmosphere we have created for you. The colour red is a constant reminder of anger.'

'Sorry, Miss, but I'd like to be reminded of my emotions.' Carry said rudely, though she didn't enjoy using that tone she felt it necessary for the moment. 

'You will be removed from the facility if you refuse to cooperate-'

'Fine. I'll just leave! I want to anyway!'

'-and be taken to our other site in Wales.' 

'Damn.' Carry cursed. She tried to act brave and swallowed back the lump in her throat, the back of her eye prickled as she held back the tears. She didn't speak because her voice would give her away and open the floodgates. She just bit her lip in frustration.  Would they tell her family? ... Not that it mattered, not once had her family visited her at the hospital. She never even received a letter. 

'You will be transferred tomorrow. Without question.' 

The End

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