A kid finds himself living the adventure he's always dreamed of. But the further he gets from home, the more he realizes it's not what he expected. Maybe he's just reconciling that fact, but he won't know til it's over.


Elye suddenly felt as though he were falling. A gasp resounded somewhere in the dark and he caught himself, relieved that he could finally recognize the woman he loved as she stood in front of him.  He swiped at the tears on her cheek, but smeared blood instead. The pressure of the knife between them went lax.  It released the stop in his throat and let the air slide from his lungs. Her sobbing slowly grew further away from him as he lost track of the trees around him, and the warm trickle of blood through his fingers.  A warmth fell on his lips and he remembered wishing the shadowy clouds above them would pass.  He thought better of it anyway; it might rain.

The End

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