Haven't written journal for yonks. Novel now retitled "SEASONS OF THE SOUL" as you may have noticed. The sequel is now called ASTRAL WINDS, of which I have written the first part just now. Evie is now 18, grown up three years since SEASONS OF THE SOUL (when she was just fifteen). She's intelligent as hell, and it's weird, because she's grown up and mature and grounded and...I can't believe I created this girl. It's amazing beyond anything I can describe to you.

SEASONS OF THE SOUL currently working at roughly 40,000 words. Hope to be around 80-95,000 when it's finished, I'm writing all the time and am visiting lakes on Friday with a friend in Telford, then going to the Lake District with my lovely Mum soon, too.

Plus, I just got put in touch with a REAL, PROFESSIONAL author, whom I can contact whenever for advice and perhaps the odd bit of critiquing. I am so far past elated that I'm actually writing this from the moon right now. - Guess what, it really IS made from cheese. Okay, not really. But I AM incredibly overjoyed that I'm considering treating myself to a large hazelnut latte in Costa tonight where I shall write for a long, long time before coming home and sharing the good news with my Farmer Boy friend, who decided, by the way, to spray paint "Dan loves Becca" on the sheep. (This IS allowed, so don't worry. He's in cahoots with the farmer.)

That's all for now, folks. Stay tuned, because there's heaps more writing to come.


The End

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