ASTRAL WINDS Journal 10.02.11

Today I have written 1,600 words towards another chapter to ASTRAL WINDS, which, added to my 1,400 from last night, totals this chapter at 3,000. After a shoddy, rocky couple of weeks with regards to writing, this is an achievement. This chapter, I think, is one of the most emotional, and therefore, in my humble opinion, one of the most exciting. I'm trying to paint lots of imagery and invent intelligent, sophisticated metaphors that nobody has ever written before. Which is, y'know. Not easy.

Despite this, I am unbelievably  excited and can't wait to get home from work (I wrote this morning before I came into the office, at lunchtime, and on my break) to finish this chapter and to keep. On. Writing.


N.B. - for those of you who have already started reading ASTRAL WINDS, I'm sorry but those five or so chapters I uploaded have somehow deleted themselves, so I'm not posting this chapter until I've uploaded them again (or figured out where they've gone and found a way to recover them). If you're new to my profile - Hey :D - and please enjoy my other stuff in the meantime. xD

The End

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