ASTRAL WINDS Journal 03.02.11


So, you know when somebody says something to you and you find yourself blinking furiously at them, unable to believe that those particular words are falling out of that person's mouth? And after they've said it, it gets you down and makes you doubt yourself, wondering if you really did do something wrong when you know inside yourself that you did nothing? Yes?

Because that happened to me yesterday. And it's bugging me so much.

And you're probably thinking - if you're even reading this - "What the hell does this have to do with her novel?" Let me answer that for you: it has EVERYTHING to do with my novel. Because if I feel down, when I write I am not writing to my full potential because I have whatever is making me feel down niggling away and making me nervous. And that energy I waste niggling? - could be put to better use making my writing positively flowwww.

Yesterday, funnily enough, I wrote - one word towards my novel Astral Winds. And even that was noting down the name of Pippa's friend before I forgot it, so that doesn't really count.

And all you lovely writer people know how rubbish it feels when you can't write. Especially when you are aware of the reasons why you've not written today. Gah. I'm going to stop moaning now.


Good riddance.

The End

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