Asteri is almost an orphan. Her mother died during child labor and her father doesn't know that she exists. Burt's life changes when he is suddenly met with a daughter that he never knew he had. Can Asteri have the relationship with her father that she always thought she could have? And can Burt be the father that he was meant to be for her? This is a summer of love, family, and faith.

Stars are the best confidants.

We can tell them anything and even when we are sure that the secrets we keep are too heavy for them to bear, they still guard them by shining brilliantly. Your words can be angry; your voice can be soft, but they can still hear you and promise you nothing but the deepest of loyalties. 

I once saw a star fall. I wondered if it had grown too heavy with secrets and wishes and hopes as it fell with a shining loss of life behind it. 

My mother called me Asteri, Greek for Star, because the night that I choked down my first breath she expelled her last--her own star falling somewhere in the vast sky. She loved the stars and their unrequited promises; their solemnity offered her the tranquility that life had never shown her. 

My mother left me in the care of a nurse who had no idea what to do with me. I passed from house to house, hand to hand; heart to heart--and yet, I still ended on this runaway train to a life I never knew--never thought--existed. The greens of the world and the blues of the curtained sky, that hid the night from my eyes, passed by rapidly as I advanced towards my destination. I, so pale and forgotten, sat in a seat that was far too big beside a window that was far too vast, and I barely recalled any thoughts whatsoever, just that I wasn't so alone anymore.

When the train stopped several hours later, the sky had begun to darken and the streets of this unknown world became bright with the land of night that I had dreamed of for the last sixteen years of my life. People passed by me, stared at me; wondered what stranger had been brought their way.

I reach a house that stands majestic and surreal on the corner of a street that reads Grand Ave. It is calling, hastening the speed of my feet and I am in front of the door within seconds. 

My mother, the most mysterious of strangers to me, left me here with my tears of life, but not alone. I have a father that left my mother to fend for herself because of a misunderstanding. He doesn't know that I exist.

Until now.

The End

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