Astelbania Chronicles: The Summons

They were back in the strange tree-entranced hut that had started their adventure in Ivan's house of collectables. The three figures they had first encountered were now huddled over the new box-home of the Quill of Alarin.

"Wonderful," The thin, scratchy voiced man breathed as the shorter one held the quill pen into the light from the hearth.

"Magnificent," The figure to the right of the short man said, speaking for the first time and the tone definately feminine.

"Truly worth every gold paid," Said the shorter man, slipping the quill back into the box and snapping it close.

"I am pleased you are pleased," Bahl said. The teifling had pocketed the second half of thier pay and turned to leave when the short figure's voice stopped him.

"Pray hold a moment," He said reaching into his cloak in search of something.

Immediately Falina could feel Bahl and Axym tense as they watched the man's hand carefully. Falina herself felt a shiver of anticipation run through her and her hand twitched at her side in preparation for any sign that her companions sensed betrayal.

All three relaxed perceptibly but not completely when the man withdrew nothing more harmfull than a rolled parchment and handed it to Bahl.

"We were bid give this to you the next time we saw you," He said, his cowl nodding and his companions following suit.

Bahl gave a half bow to the three and then turned to leave, Falina and Axym following close behind.

Once beyond the hidden hut and prying eyes, Bahl paused to open the scroll giving it a glance and then handing it to Axym. The dwarf read it with a grunt.

"So, we're being summoned are we?" He said in his thick dwarven accent.

"It looks that way." Bahl replied.

"Something important's about me boy."

"Aye. And we had best be on our way in order to find out exactly what it is."

A thousand questions tumbled in Falina's head the most promenent being who had summoned them and why. But she knew asking either of her companions would result in nothing but frustration. She was beginning to learn that, with these two, the best attitude was a 'wait and see' one.

The End

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