Have you ever noticed how many lies you're told on a daily basis? Of course not, if you sussed that you'd crack them open and get the truth out straight away right? Or would you?

It took me years and years to figure out just how much people lie and how often they do it. When I was a kid I believed my parents to be the most honest people on earth. Well till I was twelve. Then I turned to my grandparents for the same example, another short lived,  big mistake. Oh don't get me wrong, my parents weren't cruel about it, they didn't torment me with some substantial family secret or anything, no I'm not adopted, and neither did my mother have  some illicit affair with a neighbour or anyone, not even her boss or another guy from work. Might have been better if she had. And based on that before you start hating my father for reaqsons so far unfounded, no he was not a mass murderer, frequent lock up or even a domestically violent bar owner. My Dad, normal city commuter of a businessman, navy suit, black briefcase and ties knotted too tightly that my mother delighted in correcting every morning before breakfast.

My childhood, hmmmm normal I suppose. But then again, what's normal? My biggest regret is a lack of supportive companionship. Now you're assuming I'm an only child, well on that you would be bang on. But then again I'm not bitter about it, see now I can pretty well guess you were assuming again, dangerous thing to do. Then again there are those rare few of you with a more open mind than others so I'll stop anymore of my own assumptions and keep as open of a mind about you as you will about me as I tell you my story.

Assuming you want to hear it. Now there's an assumtion I can't avoid. Just like the assumption that my parents were always honest with me, I couldn't avoid that either, and paid heavily for it. I hope I won't pay as heavily for thinking that you have a willingness to listen.

To ensure a little security on both sides here lets make a little bargain. Just to protect us both, protection and security I'm sure appeals to you as much as the next person. But there I'm assuming again. If you don't find any comfort in my deal then I guess my story ends here. However if you do then let's do a little business.

My deal is this, you give me your willingness, I'll provide the honesty. Appealing? It should be. I've lived a life with so little honesty that my offering to you is sacred. I wo't lie, deceive or twist the facts. Just the facts and solid provings.

Do we have a deal?

The End

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