"Beware the ides of March!"

     The king is looking over his minions enjoying his meal. This is when he recalls a tale that his mother had told him, about there father, that he was gone on the ides of march, A hundred years ago. 

"beware the ides of March, his father did  not rightly vanish. Unless yo are to consider not having a body aside from one leg, and a hand  and nothing else.

Well I suppose, I might as well tell the tale, It was in teh time of the spanish inquisition; that a rulrer choose to accuse a woman of being witch, or rather a herectic. To which the sentence was as it always was death.

The witch challenged him,"If I am not a witch, you will sleep fit fully to night.  But If I am, you will die as I die.  On the ides of March. 

The king did not feel amused.So, he said, "Burn her at the stake."

"You too will burn as I do? as will your first born male every hundred years to pass.

The king scoffed at this suggestion, so, she was burned at teh stake as were her relatibves as she had uttered a threat,.

It was now, the ides of March.  The king relaxed, it wss growing cold in his bed chamber, he got out of bed to stoke the fire. The guards heard a scream.

What they found was no king, only a stockinged foot and his ring hand, the rest was gone all that remained was the fire.

The king at the moment felt a chill he to approached the fire.

The End

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