Maternal Love

Old and wrinkled. She sits by the window, gently rocking the cradle, smiling at the baby wrapped in muslin cloth.

The windows lets in a gentle breeze and the sun shines upon her and her baby, her true love. She smiles at it and lifts it up. The baby opens its eyes and looks at her, a cute smile on its face. She hugs it and kisses it and places the baby back. It promptly closes its eyes and goes to sleep. She wonders what her baby dreams about and smiles as she adjusts the wrapping around the baby.

She looks at a dusty black and white photograph on her table.

Its a photo of her 2 sons hand-in-hand with her late husband. All of them are gone now. Her first son walked out on her when he was old enough, joined the army, and never came back. They say he died in some place called Vietnam. Her second son married a tramp off the coast and never called her ever again.

Her husband died of a prolonged cancer shortly after her two sons had left them. She nursed him till the day he died, sitting by his bedside holding his hand as he took his last breath.

But before he died, he gave her a last gift, so she would never be alone. It was born out of a night of passion, of tears and final goodbyes. It was the sweet pretty angel that lay in the crib. The day she had held the baby in her hands, she had wept. All her maternal love for her lost sons reignited for this sweet little princess.

She looks outside the window and sees children playing in the streets. They look just like her two sons when they were younger. Those were the good old days, when the family was together and happy. But things change. Kids grow up, and walk away, leaving their mothers alone.

But luckily things were different now. She looks at the baby sleeping and thanks her luck, and her late husband.

Because it would never grow old. 20 inches of beauty. It lies there as it always has. Zero maintenance. The perfect baby. It doesn't get sick. It never cries, it never dirties the sheets, it never makes a fuss. And a cute smile on its face. When you make it lie, it closes its eyes. When you lift it up, it opens its eyes and looks at you unblinking, with its blue eyes. You can dress it up, and comb its hair ...

It really  is the perfect baby. The color around its face is fading, and the eyes had to be reattached a few days back. But other than that, it remains perfect. As it has for 30 years now.

Because more importantly, it would never leave her. No matter what.

The End

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