Hovering Lights

“Lisa, it’s time to go!” Beth called from the Inn door. After what seemed like days, her friend finally appeared from the bar. But something wasn’t right about her, she seemed anxious. 

“What’s up?” Beth asked her.

“Can’t we stay the night?” Lisa asked nervously.

“Whats the matter? I thought you wanted to get to the hotel by morning?” Beth queried.

“The men over there were telling me about these aborigonal lights called the ‘Min Min’ lights that come out at night and follow travellers along the outback roads.” Lisa explained.

“There probably just trying to scare you, there is no such thing as the ‘Min Min’ lights! Now come on, or we’ll never leave.” Beth said, half dragging Lisa out of the pub. The two got in the car and started the ignition. It was a dark night, which only added to the tense atmosphere. After ten minutes, Beth saw something in the rear view mirror that made her blood run cold. 

“So these lights,” she said, not moving her eyes from the image, “What do they look like?”.

“One’s red, one’s green. They’re about the size and shape of rugby balls. They just hover above the ground.” She said, before adding, “Why?”.

“Like that?” Beth asked, gesturing behind her. Lisa’s eyes widened in horror.

“Yes. Like that.” She confirmed. With that, Beth put her foot down. Hard. She was desperate to out run the ghostly lights, but they simply sped up as well. So she slowed down. Right down. But so did the lights. Then, a crazy idea hit her: she stopped. But so did they. She and Lisa spun round to see, before exclaiming,

“They’re gone!”. They had simply vanished, so they continued with the journey. But no sooner had they put the key back in the ignition then the lights were back again. Beth drove as fast as she dared, but couldn’t lose her pursuers.

They were getting closer. Closer. Closer. Until eventually, they were on top of them. They screamed, but who’s going to hear you on a dark night on the middle of an outback road? Lisa and Beth were never seen again.

The End

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