Thє Piαηo


The dusty piano hadn’t been touched for years, its keys hadn’t been played, its tune unheard. 

The old man who owned it thought it to be cursed and warned off anyone who tried to buy it from him, however when he died the piano was put in an auction and it was bought.


Amelia Turner turned to look at her new piano that stood in her living room, she couldn’t wait another second, setting her cup of tea down on the windowsill she sat down on the piano stool and started to play.

Amelia loved playing the piano, she had started learning at 11 years old and had excelled in it at a tremendous rate but now she just played for fun.

The cuckoo clock in her living room sounded five times, that was odd she thought, she was sure she had started playing her new piano at three!

As the weeks went on, more and more music seemed to be coming from Amelia’s house, she was playing later and later into the night. All her problems seemed to fade away when she was playing the piano – it was taking over her life!

The fact was that the piano WAS taking over her life, Amelia had been doing nothing else, she had stopped eating and if anyone had seen her they would surely say that she was deteriorating fast.

A month later, looking through the dusty window of Amelia’s house a skeletal figure could be seen playing what could be described as a convoluted Death March! 

Now it can be understood why that old man, tried so hard to detour  people from buying the piano, the same thing happened to his daughter, she wasted away as she spent her life playing the piano.

People described the old man as mad when he tried to pin his daughter’s death on the piano.

The skull of Amelia was later found with a smile on her face, her decomposing fingers still playing at the keys.



The End

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