Assault on San Diego

You and your friends are lazily sitting on the couch.  So it begans. You're all bored out of your skulls and you throw back your heads, well, atleast you do. "Hey, Turn it up." WIll says. The news reporter on the T.V infront of you says, "In other news, strange happening have beeen occuring in cities all of the U.S. It seems that small bugs are coming out of the ground..... um, rapidly." The T.V switches to a reporter holding to of the animals in a glass container. "You see here, Ann, That these small creatures are nothing but ants. Scientists are already on the scene, gathering information." The bug smashes violently against the glass container.

You hear somebody scream from outside the appartment you're in. "Crap, What's going on?" Bob says. You rush to the window. "Things" arefalling from the sky and cracking open. You see something rush out of one, Followed by screams and people running. Something flys at your window and reaks through, landing on the floor. It immediatley hisses and attempts to jump at you.  "Crap! Hit it with something!" Will shouts. It looks like a squid sort of. (This has nothing to do with Cloverfield) What do you do???

The End

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