Assault on Kalimdor ValleyMature

After Michael Arden leads an assault on a factory, he is then ordered to lead a simple assault on an enemy fortress- Kalimdor Valley. But things suddenly becomes alot less simple when he makes a shocking discovery.

Michaels hands sweated profusely as he clutched his rifle. He had his back against the wall and he could feel the sweat sticking his shirt to his back. He slid out a small shard of mirror from one of the pockets on his combat vest. He held it out slightly and tilted it so that he could see around the corner. The three guards were still there. Michael looked back to the rest of his squad next to him. They were just stood there waiting for his orders. He looked back into the mirror and noticed that the three men had their backs to him.

He quickly grabbed his pulse rifle which was hanging around his neck. In one fluent movement he spun around the corner, got down on one knee and fired off a round for each target. The glowing light green rounds flew to their respected targets and slammed into their backs with a force that threw them off their feet. He clicked a small thumb switch on the handle of his weapon to activate a flash light. Everything was clear. Michael stood back up and motioned to the rest of his squad. They all rounded the corner and moved up the field heading even closer to the large factory. Michael walked up to the three soldiers he had just killed. He used his foot to roll the body over keeping his gun trained in on them, just in case. He bent down and grabbed the pulse batteries that they had. He then ran and caught up with the rest of his squad. As they trudged up a hill they stopped as they reached the peak. They led down and each pulled out a pair of binoculars. Michael put the binoculars to his eyes and clicked the night vision on. He looked around the entire outside of the factory and the area around it. The area around it had a fair few men around it, but if they were seen that would soon change.

“Alright, lets move.” Michael said strongly. The group stood up slightly, so that they were lightly crouched and ran down the hill. As they reached the bottom they stopped again and looked through the binoculars to see if anyone was coming. Michael sighed quietly as no-one approached. They started their crouch-run again towards the door. As Michael ran he tripped up something and fell to the ground. Seconds later the entire area lit up and klaxons sounded. Michael quickly spun back to see a small black box inbedded into the ground. He had seen them before. The whole thing was one massive pressure switch linked to security systems. His squad helped him up and made off at a sprint back towards the hill.

“Go Go Go” Michael yelled and he heard shots behind him. He looked back to see the guards follow him and his squad. They climbed up the hill then slid back down. They turned left and ran into the forest. They then began their long sprint around back towards the factory but taking a different route. They stopped at the tree line and had a clear and straight run towards one of the smaller side doors.


Michael spun around, “Who said Hmmm and why?”

One of the other marines raised his head slightly, “Me. The thing is, this is all perfectly flat ground, so that hill must be artificial.”

Michael looked slightly confused, “Yeah ok whatever, lets go. Watch your step.”

The group started running at the door and reached it without hitting anything. Michael slowly and carefully opened the door.

The End

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