Lessons' startMature

Lizard tried to stop crying, it took a couple minutes to finally get himself under control. When he finally did have himself under control he moved back inside the inn. Thad was sitting at the bar drinking very large amounts of ale. Lizard screwed up his courage then moved up to Thad.

"How can you expect me to be an assassin if you don't train me?" he asked quietly.

Thad turned and looked at Lizard; his eyes were still red-rimmed from crying. "You're training begins tomorrow," he stated simply before turning back to his drink.

Lizard could tell he wasn't going to get anything else from Thad...let alone an apology so he went back to his new room to try to get some sleep. When he got to his room he found LouLou there waiting for him. She came up and curled up against him as he laid down. He put his arms around her and clutched her to himself. LouLou nuzzled her head against Lizard's chest and He sighed as he held her closer. It wasn't long before LouLou was asleep again and Lizard marveled at how small she was, and he felt her chest pressing against his as it rose and fell with her breathing. He immersed himself in the in the feeling of her light breath against his chest, and the slow beat of her heart until he too fell asleep.

The next morning Lizard was woken up roughly by Thad shaking him. Light was just starting to peep through the one window near the ceiling of the room. As Lizard blinked awake...he was used to being woken up early so it didn't take long...Thad shoved two small buns into his hands.

 "Follow me and eat on you way."

Lizard nodded gently nudged LouLou awake. He handed her one of the buns then motioned for her to follow as he moved after Thad to begin his training. Thad led him to an underground chamber with a desk and charts full of sketches and drawings of the human body. Thad moptioned for Lizard to take a seat and as Lizard sat down with LouLou beside him, Thad moved to one of the charts. "This is the human body boy...you are going to have to memorize where every single organ and blood vessel is. A good assassin knows where to cut to make it the least obvious, yet still deadly; where the least blood will flow from the wound, yet still kill the target."

Lizard nodded and paid attention to each and every comment Thad made...eager to please Thad and trying to make up for his failure lastnight. By the end of the morning Lizard could name and place every organ in the human body and even most of the major blood vessels. Thad, though  he didn't let it show, was very amazed at the boys ability to catch on and memorize information.

The End

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