The Master's (Part 2)Mature

A few hours ago

Water dripped loudly in the crudely cut corridor, footsteps were soon heard and a man soon appeared in the murky darkness. Nothing beyond this person being a man could be seen for her was wearing a long cloak with the hood up. The whole cloak was lamp black in colour and was barely an inch above the ground. On the end of the hood was a black bell that made no noise for any who did not have the Gift of Lucifer. Soon the corridor began to lighten as the man walked past lamps that flickered with a green fire, he slowed down as he neared a door.

The door was a crimson red with carefully carved illustrations, above the door hung a battered sign with the word "Graveyard" written crudely. The man stepped towards the door and began to pull at parts of the door, clicks could be heard and as he stood back the illustrations now showed a serpent climbing up the door. The man watched as a high pitch screech reached his ears, the serpent began to fade around the edges and when it came back into focus a real serpent sat on the door.

The serpent raised it's head and watched with blood red eyes as a hole appeared beneath the 'Graveyard' sign. It slithered through the hole, disappearing from the mans sight. Groaning with age the door began to open slowly in wards and the man stepped in silently. He slipped through the columns that surrounded the oval room and took shelter in the shadows.

A well sat in the middle of the room with skulls surrounding the base, a quiet moan could be heard by any who had the Gift, the columns traveled round in a circle holding up the roof of the room, near the top of each column was a differently positioned stone angle wearing chains, their wings broken and faces chiseled clean off.

There were seven other people scattered around the room, three woman and five men. The all wore the same cloaks hiding their features, the only difference being that they all had different colours around the hem, cuffs and hoods of the cloaks and a different coloured bell on the end on their hoods that all played at different pitches to those who have the Gift. Of course every person standing in the room had the Gift of Lucifer, the man shifted slightly causing his bell to ring quietly. All noise stopped in the room as every cloaked figure turned to the man. He moved out of the shadows and glided towards the center of the room, his bell ringing with every step he took,

"The masters gather together, everyone of us meet together for the first time in 25 years. What is the matter that demands the attention of the Assassin master?" The man said, his voice deep, changed by magic to sound different.

A man who displayed the colour grey on her cloak stepped forward and also made her way towards the center of the room, stepping over to the well. She took no head of the skulls that rolled as her cloak ran over them. The Assassin master scooped down and picked one up, on closer inspection tiny patterns ran through the skull in different colours.

"A time is upon us, we must hide ourselves for we are soon to be targeted, the Tower of Divinity is soon to arrive at this city. Among them are the much expected Magi who meddle in our affairs. They are here to 'cleanse' this city of Demon's. They will not hesitate to confront us if we are not careful."

The Assassin master turned the skull over thoughtfully,

"Is this what your sources have reveled?" He mused quietly, the woman nodded running a hand over the lip of the well.

"I am the Master of Imperial Spies after all." The man nodded in silent submission.

"We shall make our... jobs more quiet... Not get noticed. Are we in agreement? While this Tower of Divinity," The man growled at the word, "Are within the city walls our dealings shall be kept to the lowest degree. Jobs shall be suspended. Agreed?" The other masters stepped forward and began to pledge their agreement,

"The Blackmail Master agrees."

"The Raiders Master agrees."

"The Drugs Master agrees."

"The Slave Master agrees."

"The Brothel Master agrees."

"The Thieves Master agrees."

The woman in white waited a beat before saying, "The Imperial Spy Master agrees."

The man nodded before saying,

"And I, the Assassins Master agrees. So now I shall take my leave."

Before anyone could stop him the door he had entered through closed behind him, this side of the door has the sign, 'Life' written neatly above it.


Present Time

After closing the door to the room Thad shook his head and walked back down to the bar. The barman gave Thad a look, he stopped and sighed,

"Jim if you've got something to say to me then say it already!" Thad snapped, putting his head on the bar,

"Well one thing, get yer lazy head off me counter, and the other thing, why'd yer take'n that kid on as yer underling." Thad didn't move his head off the table instead saying,

"Because that God Accursed Kid wouldn't stop following me." Thad got up and stormed out of the bar, slamming the wooden door behind him. Thad glanced up and down the street before making his way into a side alley. Soon Thad was jumping silently from roof to roof, his shadow being the only visible thing from the ground and even that left in a blink of an eye.

Thad paused at the spot where he had accepted the boy and jumped neatly off the house which had four floors. He landed quietly on the ground rolling his shoulder and got up un harmed. Thad walked down the alley and soon came across the Ghost he was meant to kill. Kneeling down Thad examined the body. True the boy had killed this man but he hadn't done it right, he had cut in the wrong place. This meant that the body had bled freely and excessively. This would also have meant that the man would have died slowly, Thad felt a spark of irritation and got up sharply making his way back to the bar. His irritation grew, being an assassin didn't mean making your victims suffer, if you did that you were no better then scum.

Thad got back to the bar and stormed past Jim. Jim looked up surprised and opened his mouth to say something but stopped himself. Thad was mad, Thad was a very angry assassin, an assassin who could kill out of sheer anger.

Thad made his way to the room that the boy was staying in and noticed the door open slightly. He looked inside the room and saw that the boy wasn't inside. Thad growled in annoyance and mad his way back to the bar, Jim just looked at him and pointed towards the door. Thad made his way back outside, and bumped into the boy just as he was coming in. The boy was wiping his eyes. Thad grabbed the boys arm, dragging him back outside, pulling his down an alley and finally stopping to push the boy against the wall.

The boy looked up wide eyed,

"What are yer doin'?!"

"You don't understand anything do you kid?!" Thad hissed, "That man suffered! That isn't how it works! Assassins are silent, assassins are deadly, assassins are QUICK!" Thad practically spat the last word.

The boy began to shake and Thad watched amazed as the boy began to sob,

"I'm sorry ok?! I didn't want to kill him but I had to become yer apprentice!" Thad smoothed his face and turned away without a word, walking away from the boy and back to the bar.

"Where-Where are you going?" The boy said through sobs,

"Assassins don't cry, assassins have no emotion... Assassins are dead." Thad said with no emotion, with that he disappeared back into the bar.

Thad sat down at one of the empty tables and began to drink without the alcohol making him drunk.

The End

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