Applying for ApprenticeshipMature

As Lizard looked up from hugging LouLou he saw Thad disappear into the shadows. "Hey! Thad! Wait!" he shouted, then picked LouLou up and chased after him. He caught up to Thad not far from where he saw him disappear. "Please sir, you have to accept me as your apprentice!" Lizard called after him. 

"Leave me alone boy," Thad said angrily as he moved on, trying to keep up with his ghost. 

A few minutes later Thad looked back only to find that the boy, Lizard, was still behind him, "Please, I need to provide for me and LouLou sir."  

"I said leave me alone boy! I have work to do!" Thad said then quickly turned through a series of tight corners that had always managed to lose any follower he had ever had. All the while keeping track of where his ghost was. "Finally rid of the kid and his girl, gotta stay out of that kid's sight..." Thad thought to himself. 

"Sir, I'm not going to leave you alone until you take me in as your apprentice." Lizard's called out behind him. That kid just didn't give up did he? Thad took a short-cut over some houses and even took a few jumps over the roofs of the houses. "He couldn't possibly have followed me across that while holding on to his girl..." Thad thought. 

"I'm not going to leave you alone sir..." Lizard said, beside Thad now, still holding LouLou. 

Well, maybe this kid was worth training! If he could follow Thad when he didn't want to be followed, and all the while carrying someone. Thad finally gave in, "Alright kid, see that man over there?" he asked, pointing to his ghost. When Lizard nodded he went on, "Kill him, and don't let anyone notice you did."

Lizard nodded and put LouLou down, "Stay here LouLou," he told her.

"I was going to run as soon as you left, but now that you told me...well darn you ruined all my plans..." LouLou said sarcastically. Lizard smiled then slipped off on silent feet down the darkening alley toward the ghost. Then he disappeared; Thad blinked and when his eyes re-opened the ghost was gone. A few minutes later Lizard materialized behind Thad and LouLou carrying a bloody knife and one of the man's belongings to prove that he had actually killed him.

Thad jumped as Lizard appeared soundlessly behind him. Ok, so he had to admit, this boy was excellent assassin material. Thad was lucky he was so persistent on being an assassin rather than a thief because the thief guild would have loved to get their hands on a boy with this much talent. 

"Alright boy, you pass the test, you can be my apprentice. Follow me and I'll show you your quarters; but I warn you," Thad said, holding up a warning finger, "I only have room for one apprentice, you will have to share a room yer girl if you want her to be sheltered, else find somewhere else fer her tay stay. Got that?" 

Lizard nodded emphatically, "No problem sir, she can sleep in the same room as me." He said, his excitement at being allowed to become Thad's apprentice showing in his voice. Thad smiled, remembering when he was first accepted as an apprentice. He took the boy down to a small tavern and went up to the bartender. After speaking in low tones with him and gesturing at Lizard a few times. Then Thad motioned for Lizard and LouLou to follow him. 

As Lizard and LouLou passed the bartender, he just stared at them and shook his head as if to clear it, "I don't know how you managed it boy, but you must be the luckiest kid ever born." Lizard just winked at him and followed Thad into a tunnel under the tavern and then into a room with one bed and a pile of hay in the corner. 

"This is yer room boy, I'll be back tomorrow with yer breakfast and then to begin your trainin," Thad said then closed the door and walked away. 

LouLou was almost asleep so Lizard laid her down on the bed and covered her with the blanket, "Sleep well LouLou, I love you," he said planting a kiss on her forehead. Then he moved over to the pile of hay and curled up in it and closed his eyes. He felt like crap. But he held it in till LouLou's breathing evened out; then he finally let go and burst into tears. He had just killed someone! He hated it. He knew it was part of being an assassin, but he still hated it. He cried through half the night then finally, completely exhausted, he fell asleep.

The End

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