Thad watched at the sidelines as a young boy ruthlessly beat the grubby lads that surrounded him. He was trying to protect a small girl that lay behind him. He had a terrifying look on his face and his body stance looked like a lion ready to pounce on a zebra.

Impressive. Thad thought to himself, it reminded him of when he was a youngster. Apart from he hadn't been nearly aggressive and not nearly as lean. The only time he could remember being like this was when they'd tried to take his sister... and they'd succeeded.

Thad felt a pang of sadness deep in his heart. He could still remember her... still remember her laugh.

That's the past. Deal with it.

He focused his weary eyes back on the group, which was now thinning out. He could see a fat kid and a skinny kid approaching the boy that was protecting this girl so ferociously from both ends. This wasn't fair anymore; Thad could see it ending in disaster.  The young boy charged towards the fat kid and knocked the knife out of his hand before leaping back to the sleeping figure. He was too late though and the skinny kid lashed out his chain.

A bloodcurdling scream filled the air as the chain struck the boy. He reached out in anger and cut the boy with the knife that was clenched in his fist. He then scurried over to the leader, tackled him and put a knife to his neck. Thad watched as he whispered something in the leaders ear. The leaders face paled, and he sunk to the ground as the stocky lad let him go. The group run away, their leader following meekly behind.


"Wake up LouLou" the boy whispered loudly enough for Thad to hear.

Thad observed the touching scene in front of him; the boy nudged the girl, who appeared to be called LouLou, and stared intently into her eyes. Pure affection surrounded them, and Thad felt reduced to tears as the boy swept her up into a hug.

"I love you so much!" He told her, "I promise I won't let anything like last night ever happen again. I promise."

Thad felt a single tear dance down his cheek at the image of his sister's screams as they'd taken her away.

"No," he thought, "I don't cry. Not for my ghosts and not for my sister who let herself get caught..."


Thad stood up from his position, and slipped back into the shadows. 

The End

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